BTS Jungkook’s Boxing Trainer’s Instagram Account Gained Over 55K Followers After Jungkook Tagged Him On His Boxing Clip

“On 2nd December 2022, BTS’ Jungkook posted a clip of his boxing with his trainer Tommy. The clip on his Instagram has already garnered over 19.5 million views. His impact has once again been felt as within 30 minutes, Jungkook’s boxing Trainer Tommy gained nearly 14k followers on his Instagram account after a shootout from Jungkook. His followers once again tripled to more than 38k in 3 hours to 46.2k. He now has 94.1k followers. Jungkook’s Midas Touch is legendary as everything he touches, wears, what he talks about or he’s seen in sells out or gains interest and popularity. Jungkook never spoke a single word but his trainer received immense interest and support from Jung Kook’s fans.


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