BTS RM’s January 2022 GQ Korea Magazine Cover + ALL HD Photos

GQ Is there a moment when you feel that your daily life is sparkling?
RM Ah… (Glittering eyes) I’m not sure how to interpret the expression twinkling. To put it my way, this is it. Moments of being true to yourself. When I am working, exercising every day and following my routine, I think that I am living well. When I meet and talk with good people. There are moments when time passes without even having time to look at the clock. When that happens, I feel like it sparkles.

GQ You look very happy right now.

RM These days, talking about art is the most fun, because yesterday I had such a time with my favorite hyungs. Talking about something only we know. (dimple laughs)

GQ Are you scared and free?

RM I have a sense of pleasure. Once you turn the card over, it keeps turning over and over again (laughs). And I think it could be polite. Rather than saying “we’ve always liked it” after hiding it. Wouldn’t it be better if the method was adult-like and ethical as a professional? Books, documentaries, interviews, music…. Music would be best. Like I did, so that listeners can get something out of it and apply it to life secondarily. There are many concerns about the wonderful way of defecation.

GQ Indeed.

RM Let’s take RM’s love as an example. There are many themes in love. Rather than saying ‘This song was written by a man who broke up to hold onto the woman he loves’, I have a greater desire to extract something abstract and shape it rather than feeling flat enough for anyone to guess. When it comes to abstraction, it may feel vague and vague due to lack of confidence, but if you look at the history of painting, abstraction has appeared behind the conception. I think abstraction is abstraction by extracting only color and shape and compressing the essence because it cannot be expressed through figuration alone. 1 plus 1 can be 2, but there can be parentheses inside it, and there can be an inequality sign…. It’s more and more interesting to me that there is room to imagine freely within the blank space.


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